The tablet – a tool to increase sales

More and more companies use tablets as a sales tool. A tablet is not only a way to be more environmental and high-tech; scientific studies suggest several reasons to use them. Interactivity, heightened engagement and increased sales force motivation are only a few of the reasons to equip your sales force with iPads or Galaxy Tabs.

Tablets are becoming a standard. Soon, very few sales people will be carrying unhandy papers and dossiers. A tablet also provides several advantanges compared to digital presentations on a laptop. Keep reading to learn more about the many ways tablets can increase your sales.

How can a tablet increase sales?

Research1 has revealed that tablets have several advantages when it comes to increasing sales:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Engaging presentations
  • Increased sales force motivation
  • Time-saving
  • Cost-saving
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A tablet improves the customer experience

The first impression is crucial in sales situations. Both the tablet as a medium and the interactivity of the sales presentation makes the customer see a company as high-tech and innovative. It's much easier to tailor the presentations for different occasions. The interactivity of the tablet makes the sales call a conversation, rather than a one-sided presentation.

The sales rep has a chance to be side-by-side with the customer and explore the material together. It's even possible to hand over the iPad and allow the customer to use it independently. The result is a more memorable sales situation that the customer won't forget!

A tablet improves the customer experience

Engaging presentations

Presentations on a tablet are more engaging. It makes it easier to catch the customer's interest and gain their attention. The possibility to use videos, product demos and other interactive functions makes it easier to convince the customers. With the right type of media, a tablet can demonstrate exactly how it is to use a product. It opens up great possibilites to stand out, be unique and show off the advantages of your brand or your products.

Increased sales force motivation

There are several reasons why tablets increase sales force motivation and performance. Two main reasons are the possibility to always be connected and the speed of the medium. Tools like OctaSales makes it easy for the sales representatives to control their presentations. The presentations become more interactive and it becomes easier to focus on a certain product or product category.

An iPad is also much lighter, making it easier to transport than a laptop or physical sales material. The presentation can be performed at any time, without much preparation. This can be a big advantage in spontaneous situations, like an in-store meeting or on the floor of a convention.

A tablet saves time

According to research, a sales rep using a tablet saves 30 minutes of work per day. This means huge savings, especially for companies with a large sales force. One example is the production and overhaul of sales material. A tablet also opens up the possibility to store customer information and instantly receive payments, removing administrative work.

With the right tools, leads and orders can go straight from the presentation on the tablet into the company's CRM system. An iPad also enables the sales reps to stay connected during travels and streamline their work.

A tablet saves time

A tablet saves costs

It costs money to buy tablets, but once they are bought you will start saving money. Your sales force no longer needs physical presentation material like papers and folders. The content on the tablets can also be used for onboarding or to train existing staff.

Not only the tablet is important – you need the right program to make sales

You have now been presented with several good reasons why your sales force should use tablets. However, buying iPads for your sales reps doesn't take you the whole way. The tablets need to be equipped with the right kind of tools to maximize its benefits.

OctaSales – a sales tool for tablets

OctaSales is a presentation platform and sales tool for tablets. OctaSales enables you to create interactive sales presentations that the customers will remember. OctaSales is optimized for tablets, like the iPad and Galaxy Tab. The presentations are fully adaptable and responsive. They also work when you lack an internet connection.

A few of the reasons why you should choose OctaSales:

  • Presentations are detailed without being linear. Browse in product categories and product information without being bound to a certain structure, like you would be in a PowerPoint presentation
  • Register leads and complete purchases in the OctaSales platform, being connected to the company's CRM system. This saves administrative work and gives the sales reps more time to work with sales!
  • It's also a tool to organize your sales force. OctaSales has functionality to give different sales reps access to different material. This way, your sales force can have customized access to the right price information, presentations and customer data. It also opens up the possibility to share resources within the platform


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1) Hallberg, J. Pad Up the Sales Force: The Medium's Impact on Presentation Effectiveness:

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