Selling wide range of products is not an easy task.
Often you only have seconds to get to the point...

and that's where OctaSales comes into the picture 

OctaSales is the tablet-optimized sales presentation software tool, which promises to make your complex product presentation quick, easy and understandable. An interactive product overview your customer will remember.


For each session you can decide how your presentation will begin, when it will stop and whats its main goal

  • The online presentation is not linear. It can be reused in customized movement patterns for different clients
  • As an OS independent platform, OctaSales works both on-line and off-line. You can be on any site, with your iPad or Galaxy Tab, without WiFi, still pursuing your professional concept presentation
  • The greatest advantage of OctaSales is the time saved and efficiency that you and your selling team will achieve


We at Alimak are using OctaSales

  • on the website
  • at the fairs
  • in face-to-face meetings with customers
  • for internal and external sales courses
  • during basic technical trainings and educational program


Flexible, easy-to-use, and a powerful presentation tool.

Andreas Magnusson, Alimak Group

Interactive sales presentations are easy to produce on iPad

Easily maintained and fun to use on iPad!

It's perfect for our large selling team, presenting Thermotech's wide range of products.

Ulrika Mattisson, Thermotech Scandinavia

Features in the cloud

OctaSales is a the perfect match for large retail selling teams, using iPads or Galaxy Tabs.
Some of the most valuable features are:

  • Create sales presentation based on multiple, hi-resolution image upload
  • Develop page structure using drag-and-drop function
  • Share interactive slides with your sales teams and control their permission levels
  • Create new customers and price lists, delegate privileges to sellers and sale groups
  • Register leads and sale reports directly in CRM system, using API connection. Connect to Salesforce CRM using Pardot
  • Off-line version of each presentation is always available in your tablet





1 Gb




custom design included


30 Gb


< $10 per month

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